Cornflower Blue,Blues

Happy Summer to you all! I can’t believe we’re at the end of June and I’ve only done 2 posts! I’m literally enjoying my new gig (that’s for another post for another day!) and the warm weather in NYC!

Today I posed for a beauty campaign in Lancôme and felt it only right to “dress it up!”

I scored this cornflower blue double breasted number from ASOS Men.





I’m literally in love with suits and this color! It was overbearing to wear as the material is light and drapey! 

I felt it was the perfect deal to pair it with my CDGS sneakers that I rarely wear and the off white set the lewk off.



Who says you can’t be cool and still give a lewk fully clothed in the summer time? Tell them to come see about me! 

Until next time!