Pretty In Pink

Happy May to all! I know it's been a while since I've last posted, but life happened and now I'm back, a month later.

For thos who know me personally, I am a lover of ALL things pink. Pink is such an uplifiting color, and I needed the lift.

I had some personal things go on with me lately, and even though it's such a rainy day in NYC, I knew this all pink number would do exactly what i needed it to do, which is give me life!

The pink blouse is one that i scored in the earl fall of this past October on sale, from Chloe. I am such a Chloe boy! 


The trousers are my favorite! Of course I got them from my fav store Zara about a month ago. They go along with a suit jacket, but because I have a pink suit already I decided to skip the jacket this time, but I totally regret that choice. You can NEVER have too many pink suits! You can never have too much pink!



If you're not in rainy NYC I hope you're enjoying the beautiful sun and warm weather were you are! Xoxo