I hope you all are having a fabulous April thus far! For us here in New York, the weather has been up and down leaving everyone in shambles!

Mother Nature, we just want it to be warm already!

As you all know I’ve taken quite a liking to suits and I enjoy going to church on Sundays and dressing up in the best suits! Look great for Jesus, yes!?



I scored this wool number from men’s and wanted to keep it simple with an old navy turtleneck from men’s Zara.




I figured it would be the last Sunday I could wear wool comfortably without overheating! I’m sending all of my prayers up on that one! 


I also thought it would be super cute to pair my Fendi tights and louboutins with the suit to give it more of my “Stixx” appeal! These Fendi tights are absolutely sold out and I stalked SSENSE down to get them, so good luck if you’re reading this and  want them.



Wishing warm weather to all soon!

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