Sunday’s are for giving lewks!

 Happy Sunday to all of my lovers!

Sunday’s aren’t just for brunch, but their for the Saints as well! I attend Hope Ministries in Brooklyn, NY and boy do those saints come DRESSED on Sunday’s!

I’ve decided that 1st and 4th Sunday’s will be dedicated to me giving my “Sunday’s Best” my all! The first Sunday in respect to God for allowing me into the mercy of a new month, and the last for God giving me the strength to make it to the last one of the month. None are promised, so I’ve made it my business to dress it up and make it real for my praise!

I have a thing for men’s suits now so this tuxedo jacket I got from ASOS men. I thought I would have a hard time finding my size in men’s clothing because I’m so small, but they cater to the slim Jim’s as well! This jacket is a size 32in.

I chose this semi sage green color to usher in new energy and spirit for April during this mercury retrograde. 


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