Ah! Finally, New York Fashion week has ended! What a long stretch that was as they were tied together this year! While I'm utterly exhausted, I have to do my style recap!


I started off my week in a burgundy suit number that i scored from Asos Men ! Of course I paired it with a coat I caught on sale from Zara! It was originally $199.00 but I got it for $89.00! Take advantage of these sales!

The gucci socks and shoes were a no brainer!


Bumping shoulders with the southern belle at a show during NYFW.


This was I believe day 3 of NYFW, and I had to bring the sporty-chic drama! We LOVE a good all black number with a pop of colour! The gucci fanny pank set this right off with the fishnets and the So Kates! My feet are STILL throbbing after being in those shoes for 7+ hours, but it was all in the name of fashion!



Let's talk about the next switch up to later that evening o the Phillipp Plein show! I had to take a break from those sky high heels and switch to my comfortable gucci loafers for the evening events.


These shots were taken by my cusin Shun (IG: @shunb) who hailed all the way from Memphis, TN for her first fashion week! She's also a stylist and photographer too, so get with her!


Always great running into my lovey Claire; Shot here by Shun at the afterparty for Philipp Plein.

I even ended the nite with scoring a backstage pass for the Philipp Plein show! Talk about a lucky time!


This was from day 5 of NYFW at the Vfiles show! What a time! I got live with The Clermont twins, and danced on tables to trap music all nite! I even wore the colors of Vfiles unbeknownst to me! 

Shown here I shopped my closet and pulled out my yellow suit from blog posts before!


Day 6 of NYFW! It was amazing! I was backstage with Lil Kim after The Blondes NYFW show, and shook it up with the who's who of fashion at the afterparty in a fur I'd copped from the goodwill hours earlier!


Day 7 of NYFW on 2/14! Pretty in Bink and Bloody in Red for Love day! What a beautful day it was! The Laquan Smith and Leanne Marshall presentation were both beautiful, and the pink suit did IT for me!

Guess what!? The suit came from Zara (of course) ! I saw many different ladies with the same suit on and we all styled it in completely different ways.


Overall, I had a beautiful experience for both men's and women's fashion week! Which was one of your favorite lewks from me this season? Let me know!

Until next season! MUAH!

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