Happy Holidays✨

I know I’ve skipped fall and gone straight into winter but I’ve missed you all very much! 

Life moves fast when you’re fabulous so I couldn’t go out of 2018 with at least one more blog post!



I wanted to make a post more Christmas’masy but Soho was overly crowded and it’s insqnely cold in Soho so of course this will do, in style! 

2018 brought me lots of goodies from consignment stores! I thrifted this fur from Beacon’s Closet in Manhattan last February and had been dying to wear it more! Thank goodness it’s that season now!




You can never go wrong with a monochrome look either! As you all know, Navy blue is one of my fh colors to wear! Navy looks so regal and chic and can it’s universal! You can pair this shade of blue with anything and it cleans your look up!




All in all, I’m wishing you all a Happy Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  Much love and prosperity to you all!

From New York, with love;


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