Keep It Brooklyn, Baybeh!


I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

I hope you all had a beautiful thanksgiving!

Anywho, so I had to snap it up around BedStuy! Just the other day, I was out shopping for vintage designer goods and ran into this Burberry Trench at Beacon's Closet off of 14th!

I'd been searching for a Burberry trench for so long but I didn't want to spend the coins for it! I'm so glad that no one snatched this up before I did! 

I've also been trying to get back into wearing sneakers so these Ai Max 97's paired well with the "lewk" that I was going for! "Trap Chic"

This type of lewk is perfect for those errand Saturday or Sunday days where you really don't feel like putting on clothes to be in public, but you just have to!

  • Burberry Trench: Beacon's Closet (14th Street location)
  • SweatShirt: UniQlo
  • Air Max 97's:
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