Chic Vegan Bones


So, you're probably what's going on from the title of this post, yes!? Lol!

No worries, I am not all the way vegan yet, but it is a representation of who i am. 

The name of this post actually came from someone I follow on twitter, who I think to be the female version of myself. Follow her!

Anywho, I actually found these lovely pants from ASOS white! I could NOT pass them up! It's been a minute since I've shopped with ASOS as well, because so many people had gotten ahold to it, and I love to be ahead of the masses. I'm SURE no one will have these, but if you wish to rock them, I'm sure you'll do well and kill all.

The red smart coat comes from the TRF section of Zara women's. (Yal'll know I LOVE Zara!) I'm the devil that wears zara! 

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