Not to self; Don’t forget to love yourself!


I write this with a sadness, I’ll say a “summertime sadness” in the words of Lana Del Rey as I preach to myself and I preach to someone else.


Don’t forget to love yourself! Please don’t! You’re your longest commitment and after you, there won’t be another. 

I’ve been in such a limbo with love be with platonically, romantically (or lack thereof) or just a love for my career. It’s all be quite taxing.

In the platonic aspect, I like many other people find themselves being more than the average person to their friends. I’m a counselor, I’m a brother, I’m a space for the love that they need, and so many other emotionally and mentally taxing things. Always done with a smile and in pure love because that’s all one knows to give. 


In The career aspect, I was in limbo finding out what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be in fashion, while also forging a way for myself in the beauty industry. After almost 4 years, I left my job at Good Morning America where I made great money, but the love and zeal for the “job” was gone and I was left feeling empty at nite. 

I had that much love for my time and life that I left what was unfulfilling to me to go about my bigger purpose, which lead me to my new position at IT Cosmetics x L’Oreal. What a change! I felt the roses in my heart bloom again. It is truly a beautiful feeling to wake up every morning and do what you love. 


Lastly the romantic department has been another thing to add to the list of things that drain me. From going from one bad situation and moving far away from it to find oneself again, to going into solitude and not allowing anyone into that space or to give me their unwarranted energy, to letting someone penetrate that space on my heart, only to be misused. 

We’re human and it is a human right and trait to long for companiship, but be careful. If you’re not aware, someone can easily come and neglect that vulnerable space you’re in and you’ll find yourself settling for the half communication and disappearance when you deserve so much and need so much more. We have to be mindful of those energies because those are the strings that reel us back into those places we fought so hard to come away from.

In respect to all of those mentioned above, I had an “ah-ha” moment! These words came out of my mouth, “But Stixx, you still love yourself!” Yes!

Out of all that I am, and what I may lack I still take the time out to recognize my love and my feelings for self. I am valuable. I am needed. I am love. I am loved.

Out of it all, don’t forget to love yourself. Take the time to be there for yourself. 

Remember that what’s for you will always be for you and you’ll never have to compete for it. 

God is love.


xoxo, Stixx

PS; Buy yourself some roses this week. Buy someone you love some roses this week.