Why I don’t send nude pictures

I can only speak truly from the perspective of a black gay male, but I think this trecends to all backgrounds of people no matter the sexual orientation or gender. I just don’t send nude pictures!

Now before I go further into detail, I won’t say that in the past I haven’t sent nude pictures of myself before to someone, but as I’ve gotten older and seen more of how people in general operate with that sensitive content, I’ve stopped giving out those golden nuggets.

Just this week I had a dear friend of mine (whom shall remain unnamed) send me a video and picture of two individuals who we happen to know very well. My friend was in such a state of comedic humor due to the fact that the video and nude picture were very detailed and graphic but I couldn’t help but think about how they sent that content to someone out of surety of privacy and confidence and the fact that these were floating around in the social universe disturbed me.

Maybe my friend may have thought that I was being a stick in the mud, but I truly wasn’t amused by those visual experiences, but more-so disturbed. 

In the age of dating in the black gay community, so many guys feel entitled to your private moments and will dismiss you upon refusal. When I did send private content, guys would be disappointed and ask to see more detailed and graphic images, those of which I wouldn’t even feel comfortable sending to someone let alone taking them of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shy of my birthday suit and what God has blessed me with, but I just think somethings are meant for an in person experience and not through the “videophone” as Beyonce would say.

Why should I send such visuals to a person for them to only share the experience with their friends, either to point fun at whatever they find wrong on someone’s body, or having a complete stranger pleasure themselves to the visual of your body, or even worse having the pictures fall into the wrong hands and having your personal and professional reputation tainted? Nah, I’ll pass!

We’ve seen in the age of social media how fast those nude moments travel from KimYe, Black Chyna, and even at this moment the “Safaree Challenege” and while those celebraties have PR’s and managers to do damage control to their credibility, would we hold our community leaderss, teachers, pastors, etc to the same standard should such info got out about them? No! I’ve seen the community excommunicate individuals for these harmless and trusting acts.

I may be a prude, but I just cherish everything God has blessed me with and I just didn’t find flattery in complete strangers getting the “Stixx” experience via social contact or risk having that content in the wrong hands. 

Are you being mindful of who you send your nudes to? 

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