Why Fashion Makes No Sense

I've been in fashion for a minute now, and year after the year, the "trends" get worse and worse. Seeing the same instafashion in black, gay, and pop culture literally becomes draining to one's fashionable existence.

Everyone at this moment wants to look like Rih, KimYe, or some popular girl/guy they saw on instagram. Which is fine, but can you please come with something else!?

Gucci and LV are the top instatrends that people are buying into (or atleast fake buying into *sips tea) and we're sick of it! There's only so much you can do with Gucci headbands and slides.

They fashion culture of today can barely tell you of Roberto Cavalli, or Moncler, or Thom Browne! Those are just to name a few! We're not even going to get on the fact that today's culture won't even buy into the RTW (ready to wear) collections because they are higher priced and unaffordable for some of those who claim to love fashion.

It all makes no sense to me. People are happy and joyful with looking the same and boutiques and other fashion pushers are happy putting out garbage apparel for coins and social media clout!

I'm not saying I'm a fashion guru, but I do feel like I hold myself to a certain standard and I have a signature style that isn't easy to "trend"

I'll be glad when mainstream fashion catches up with the times and understands that we're no longer in the "90's" wave anymore (when they didn't even hold true to the TRUE 90's fashion) and catch up with the designer's of current. *sigh*

For now, I guess "that is all"

xxx, Stixx 

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